Children books

Lilly and the Sun Keeper (2020)

Lilly has a vague memory of the sun. Her world is always dark and rainy, and nothing will grow in the wet soil. But her grandfather is hiding something, and Lilly needs to know what. In the forest, where no child should go, Lilly finds a secret path and a whole new world opens. What is Grandpa’s secret? And what has really happened to the sun? Lilly discovers something that will change everything for everyone. Lilly and the Sun Keeper is the spring book and second title in the quartet series about the year’s seasons. Illustrations by Lisa Aisato.

The Name Bearer (2019)

Everyone has heard about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. But very few have heard about the Name Bearer. Even though he is the one that gives every child a name. Probably it is because he is so very shy. The Name Bearer lives in the tiny gap between the sea and the sky. Many different names bloom in his garden, and every day he travels out into the world delivering name-flowers to newborn babies. Life is peaceful and secure. But one day something terrible happens: a child is about to be given the wrong name! Now the Name Bearer has to act quickly and do something he is really quite afraid of.

The perfect gift for a birth, baptism or naming ceremony, and for all children who wonder how they got their name.

The Snow Sister (2018)

Christmas Eve is approaching. It is also the day Christian will turn eleven years old. Usually it is the best day of the year, filled with the fantastic aroma of gingersnaps and tangerines, the sound of a crackling fire, the decorated Christmas tree and the flickering candlelight. All the things that make up Christmas. But this year nothing is as usual. Christian and his family mourn the death of his big sister, and Christian feels that Christmas has just been cancelled. Then one day Christian meets the happy and Christmas-loving Hedwig and he begins to believe that perhaps there will be Christmas after all. But there’s something strange about Hedwig’s house, and who is the old man who is lurking around the house all the time?

Sparkling and sad, packed with mystery, snow and surprises – this sumptuous full-color illustrated book is bound to be an instant family favorite, and a cherished Holiday tradition for book lovers of all ages. Beautifully illustrated by Lisa Aisato

The Snow Sister, was the most sold book in Norway in 2018, awarded the Polish literary prize “Child Friendly World”, nominated for several awards and shortlisted for “Best Translated Children’s Book 2019” in Estonia. It is printed in 250.000 copies, sold to 29 territories and film rights to Hollywood. The summer book and the autumn book are scheduled for publication in 2022 and 2024. All are stand alones.

The Most Amazing Thing (2017)

When her best friend Choco moves away, Ninon feels so sad that she’ll never be happy again. But one day the best chefs in the world come to the village to compete, and Ninon receives a mysterious envelope in the mail…

The Most Amazing Thing is an extraordinary tale about grumpy master chefs, a stubborn cat, five cocoa beans and last, but not least, a very imaginative girl. The picture book is beautifully illustrated by Hans Jørgen Sandnes, Norways best selling illustrator, known for the series Detective Agency No. 2, and all the images are painted with real chocolate!

Series “The Coolest Gang in the World” (2015-2017)Maja Lunde The Coolest Gang in the World

“There are some people who just ARE cool. Markus, for example. He has a dimple in his left cheek and is the school’s best shot. Or Cornelia, who has silky hair and moves as though she’s standing on a stage – even when she goes to the bathroom. Then there are people who are even cooler. Like us. Helena, Alfred, Ivan and me. We’re so cool that no one has even realized it yet! But it’s only a matter of time. At least, that’s what Helena says.”

The Coolest Gang in the World is a comedy series for children ages 8-100. The books are illustrated by TegneHanne, who is known for her hilarious comic strips in Aftenposten. Five books in the series have already come out, and the first three have been sold to Sweden and Denmark.

Maja Lunde Battle

Battle (2014)

Amalie is a westside girl who has everything: looks, money, a handsome boyfriend and an amazing talent for dance. Then the whole world collapses and she has to leave everything she knows. Life is turned upside down, but Amalie still tries to pretend like nothing has happened. But then one day, she meets Mikael. Mikael who dances hip hop, who is best at dance battles, who is completely different from anything she’s ever known. For the first time in her life, Amalie must really dare to trust her own feelings, dare to break rules, dare to show the world who she is. Battle is a young adult novel from Oslo about a double life, dance, and love.

The novel is sold to Sweden. The film rights are sold to Friland, and the movie will premiere in 2018.

Maja Lunde Across the Border

Across the Border (2012)

Autumn 1942. Four children are heading across the border to Sweden. For two of them, it is a matter of life and death: Sarah and Daniel are Jews and are going to be deported. They’ve been hiding in Otto and Klara’s family’s basement for a long time, but now they’ve been discovered and their parents arrested. Otto and Klara decide to help their new friends to safety, but there are many miles of forest that must be covered before they are safe in Sweden. Luckily, they meet some helpful people along the way. But is the kind housewife who offers them food really on their side? And is the border pilot really a resistance fighter, or is he also secretly working for the Norwegian Nazi Party? An electric tale about courage, confidence, friendship and mortal fear.

Across the Border was reviewed in Dagbladet and received good reviews. The book has had several print runs and also became a theater performance at Brageteatret. The film rights are sold Maipo, and the movie is currently in pre-production.